SHON 1982年生,作品以圖像創作見長。創作範圍多取自於生活中隨處可見的元素,風格亦充滿濃厚的街頭塗鴉色彩。
其中又以CAP DUCK(帽子鴨)原創角色融入知名圖像作結合之手法廣獲大眾歡迎。

Shon was born in 1982, his strength of art work is drawing and illustration. Most of his design
ideas are inspire by different elements of daily life. Shon always like to present his art work
with lots of graffiti color and style.
Especially Cup Duck one of Shon's famous figure, he use the original art work integrates the well-known image and it become a very popular figure in the market today.
Shon's art work always has something new and very creative idea. In the near future I believe his design will be in the limelight.